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A free interactive online class from the Emotional Health experts at Onsite.


Feeling stuck? In a funk? Like life isn't just working anymore? At one point or another, it happens to us all. We lose traction, lose direction, or even lose our sense of self. 

Sometimes we can't trace down the reason why, or even put words to it—we just know that something needs to change (and preferably right now!)

The good news is, it's possible. We can break free of our funk and live a more optimized and purposeful life. It's what we've helped tens of thousands of people do at Onsite. 

But where do we begin? 


This FREE interactive online class will help you understand how you got here, get clear about where you want to go, and give you the jumpstart you need to move forward.

Together we'll go on a journey that will equip you to:

  • Identify motivation for lasting change
  • Build a successful (and long-lasting) habit
  • Envision the life you want for yourself

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More About Onsite

Onsite is an emotional health brand that wants to create an emotionally well world by reconnecting humanity.

For decades, Onsite has helped tens of thousands of people feel more equipped to handle the challenges of life and go from just surviving to thriving. Historically, we've done this through in-person therapeutic experiences on our campus in the hills of Tennessee. And now, you can experience the magic of Onsite in your own home through our online digital courses.

Utilizing the same proven framework that has guided our world-renowned workshops and intensives, our digital courses provide an accessible, affordable, and approachable path to the emotional wellness you deserve in your personal and professional life.

These resources are designed to meet you wherever you are and help you optimize your life by building meaning and value into the human experience.

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